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Our Story

Growing up in Brooklyn I always enjoyed the Classic Jewish style / New York Food and Baked Goods. When I moved to college in the northwest the foods were just not the same, I so missed Chocolate Babka, Black & White Cookies, Deli sandwiches, Bagel Lox & Cream cheese, Hot Matzo ball Soup and of course Fresh Challah Bread! In desperation for my favorite foods, my roommate and I searched the web for a good company that would mail order us some kosher foods & bakery goods we searched online for Challah and other Kosher foods, but everything that came in the mail just did not do it (did not satisfy our taste buds).

So my roommate and I decided that we will bring the taste of Brooklyn to all over the USA, and that is when Challah Online came to be!

Our mission is to bring the old Jewish flavor to every corner of the country. From Rosh Hashanah to Hannakuh, we have you covered for all of your kosher gifting needs.  We cater to anyone anywhere,& offer Free shipping nationwide on any order that is over $100. All products are packed to ensure quality and freshness. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!